Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween is super fun, but there are some things that can make it very scary.... not just the scary costumes and haunted houses. Parents worry about abduction, compromised treats and bullying!  Make sure you educate your kids on how to keep safe!

Here are 5 tips from The Pound that can help keep your little monsters safe this year – and every – Halloween.

  1. Make a Plan. Your route should be one that is well-lit and well populated.  Heavily trick-or-treating traffic can mean more adults around and less risk of lurking danger.  Be sure your kids know the route before heading out.
  3. Give Them a Phone. Cells phones may not be something you want your child to have access to on a daily basis, but its a great idea to send them out with one on Halloween.  You can program in an emergency contact number so you are easily reachable if needed.   Its even better if you have a mapping app on your phone, that way you can track them from a laptop or another mobile device. They’ll have the freedom to trick-or-treat by themselves, but you’ll still be able to keep a watchful eye, or ear, on them.
  5. Talk to Your Child About Potential Dangers. Discuss possible scenarios that could occur that would be dangerous. For example, what they should do if someone tries to ask them to get into their car, or go into their house. Provide them with the right response so that they know how to react and so that they can avoid a potentially dangerous situation.
  7. Light Them Up. Make sure kids have flash lights or glow sticks when they go out.  This will allow others to see them easily, especially cars, as well as allowing them to see where they are going.
  9. Save the Candy Until You Get Home! Its not an easy task to ask a child to wait until they get to eat their candy... its so tempting!  However, its important to check and make sure the candy is safe, and it usually is, but its a good to double check.  Spread the candy out and go through it together. Remove anything that is unwrapped or looks questionable. And while homemade treats may seem like a nice gesture, there is no telling what is inside of them.


When you follow these tips, you can help ensure that they have plenty of treats and avoid any tricks.

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