Kids Martial Arts Quick Start Confidence Course

 in East Wareham - The Pound Martial Arts

Heard about our Kids Martial Arts Quick Start Confidence Course and wondering what it is?

Here's a brief summary about this program...

Our Quick Start Confidence Course is a unique, two week comprehensive program that walks students through the character building tenants of our school.  Each day has a specific character trait that is the focus of that class, as well as at home.  When the student successfully displays that trait, they are able to earn a corresponding belt stripe.  

During this course the student will work to break a board as well as earn their RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, CONFIDENCE, CHARACTER and BLACK BELT Stripes and Patches. After each class, we will check in with the parent and student on their progress, and fill them in on what to expect for their next class. To ensure the best success for the student, we ask that the parent approach these challenges with positive expectations, and engage in conversation at home on what each stripe and patch should mean for the student.

This 2 week course is an awesome way to get a quick start into our Kids Karate or Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs!  



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