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The Pound Martial Arts “Patrick Roche” 2nd Grade Teacher, Decas Elementary

This letter is a long time in coming but I feel I should share some things about a shared student, Austin.

Austin is a wonderful student who works hard each and every day in my second-grade classroom. He is a positive role model and a good friend. Austin, although generally quiet and shy at first, has worked to become more confident in areas where he has to take risks such as classroom participation, taking on added responsibilities such as lunch count and working with peers on Google Classroom.

Recently he and a fellow classmate presented how we use Google Classroom to the Superintendent of Schools as well as members of the school committee.

Austin will be awarded the January Golden Book Award (shhh, he doesn't know this yet) on January 26th. This award is given to students who are examples of being responsible, respectful, and showing safe behaviors at Decas School.

Thank you for your continued efforts in connecting school to The Pound Martial Arts Center. Through your guidance, Austin is leaping over hurdles he never thought possible!

“Patrick Roche” 2nd Grade Teacher, Decas Elementary

The Pound Martial Arts Jason B.

Professional, super clean, great location and awesome trainer's!! If your nervous about trying something new at a new place where you don't know anyone? DON'T BE!! Get in there and get your first class under your belt your gonna love it, best workout ever!

Jason B.

The Pound Martial Arts Amanda C.

Very Professional. I was only able to complete 2 1/2 classes because i injured myself but will be returning as soon as i can. Everyone is very Friendly, Positive and Supportive. Thats what you need when your a Newbie!! Come check it out!!

Amanda C.

The Pound Martial Arts Rebecca D.

I enrolled my 4 year old in the 6 week trial membership. Shihans Krystine and Pat were phenomenal with his age group. They made sure he was comfortable, welcomed, encouraged and instructed what to do (as he started 2 weeks into class), discipline and respect. They work on skills every week and we can already see progress. My son LOVES it and I can see we will be lifelong members :)

Rebecca D.

The Pound Martial Arts Josh S.

Wonderful. Caring, Compassionate, and Respectful, Everyone I met at the Pound expressed all three of those values. I have been to a number of gyms to train BJJ, this location stands out as cleaner, and better lit than most. The staff are knowledgeable, skilled, and genuinely interested in your progression and understanding of techniques taught.

Josh S.

The Pound Martial Arts Jennifer B.

Incredible staff and owners--excellent classes--the kickboxing class is the best around! The instructors motivate you in a fun and energizing way! I cannot say enough about The Pound Martial Arts Center! Fabulous and deserves every star I gave them.

Jennifer B.

The Pound Martial Arts Donna H.

They are great with the kids and my kids love going there

Donna H.

The Pound Martial Arts Abby M.

I attend their Kickboxing classes & they are a great, fun, stress relieving workout! Their studio is clean & their staff are very nice!

Abby M.

The Pound Martial Arts Kenneth F.

Day 1 in the books! Great work out and experience. Clean and friendly. Thanks to the crew!

Kenneth F.

The Pound Martial Arts Javier R.

Very good instructors! Highly recommend it for anyone trying to advance their mma skills!

Javier R.

The Pound Martial Arts Meghan E.

BEST decision we ever made for our children and our family!

Meghan E.

The Pound Martial Arts Lois M.

My son love the pound and really he enjoys learning. He is becoming a much better listener.

Lois M.

The Pound Martial Arts Jodi B.

Amazing!!!! My son loves the classes here, and the staff is amazing! Great for kids and adults.

Jodi B.

The Pound Martial Arts Bill G.

Simply an outstanding place to train. Respect and hard work meet in a safe and caring environment where all level martial artists can thrive!!!!

Bill G.

The Pound Martial Arts Lisa H.

They do such a great job with the kids and make everyone feel welcome while teaching them life-long skills, besides Martial arts of course!

Lisa H.

The Pound Martial Arts Leah C.

They're amazing with my son! Very happy with the program. Welcoming atmosphere.

Leah C.

The Pound Martial Arts Brooke L.

Can't say more than thank you! Courteous and helpful staff!

Brooke L.

The Pound Martial Arts Linda J.

The instructors are awesome and its a great friendly atmosphere! Highly recommended!

Linda J.

The Pound Martial Arts Brenda M.

My son loves The Pound. He has found his home away from home.

Brenda M.

The Pound Martial Arts Nicole H.

Awesome place to be! Awesome staff too!

Nicole H.

The Pound Martial Arts John F.

Highly recommend, always professional, always motivated.

John F.

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